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For any action where the outcome its unknown & has the potential for either meaningful failure or meaningful success, roll 1 D4 & consult the following Action System:

1. Failure
2. Mixed Result
3. Success
4. Extreme Success

Expanding upon the Action System are Skills. When a Warrior uses a Skill, they roll 2 D4 instead of 1 D4 & keep the single, highest result.

Note: Skills are not required to perform an action; they simply improve your chances.

Conversely, if a Warrior is attempting something very difficult they may receive Disadvantage, forcing them to roll 2 D4 & keep the single, lowest result. Further, if both results come up as ‘1,’ this is known as Snake Eyes & a disastrous outcome occurs (as determined by the DM). If a Warrior or NPC does not possess an applicable Skill when attempting an extremely difficult task, a result of ‘1’ on 1 D4 is still considered Snake Eyes. Further, Snake Eyes may only occur during a Disadvantage roll.

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