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︎ GANGS ︎

Reaper City is a perilous place to fight alone. Those determined to build dominion in this wasteland band together in Gangs. Each Warrior, though carrying a personal Oath, is bound by the Gang’s laws & customs to which they owe allegiance. Lorded over by the Innersanctum, each outfit conspires to destroy the three noble Houses.

To create a Gang, you must collectively determine your Gang’s name, Driver & starting Territory. In addition, you begin with a beat-up Cadillac in command of your Driver. A Driver is in charge of Vehicle Combat for the Gang. Record your Gang’s details on a blank Gang Sheet as you proceed.


Roll 1 D4 to determine your Gang’s starting Territory:

1. Dice Joint
2. Liquor Store
3. Seedy Motel
4. Roadhouse

As a Gang progresses, it will gain further Territory that generates Income. Further, its Reputation will precede it & help win Favor from the Innersanctum (see Power Advancement).

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